• Apr 22, 2014
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Inspired by Nature - Colors To Love in Your Home

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If you're searching for inspiration, you don't have to look far. Just look out your window. Your local park, a favorite beach or even your back yard can provide you all the inspiration you need. Here are a few scenes paired with rooms that are inspired by nature. You can see that nature's color palettes will look great in your home too.

beach home decor inspired by natureAqua, blue, beige and gray. It's a beach inspired bed and bath. Find the perfect tile and carpet options for your beach room at Carpet One Floor & Home.

redwood inspired home decorMajestic redwoods can inspire a beautiful kitchen. Find a hardwood option to match your tree inspired room at Carpet One Floor & Home.

daisy inspired home decorDelicate daisies make for a fresh bedroom with pops of yellow and green. Find a hardwood option to match your flower inspired room at Carpet One Floor & Home.

What's your favorite nature inspiration?



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