Carpet Maintenance

Information on how to properly care for your carpet flooring.

What You Need to Know When Taking Care of Your Carpet

Carpets are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms because both kids and adults can play or lounge around on the floor in comfort. They also provide terrific traction for those who may need a little assistance when it comes to walking or (in the case of impatient children everywhere) running around the house. However, they can make people a little uneasy when it comes to cleaning — especially when they start to think about all the dust that's been trapped in those fibers. We'll look at the proper ways you can perform carpet maintenance for a better lifespan and quality of life. 

Continuous Care 

You can't really take a break when you take care of a home as there's always something that needs to be done. Regular care for your carpets needs to be worked into your routine, as vacuuming will be what keeps your air quality and allergen count low. There's a bit of a double-edge sword when it comes to carpets, as dust and pet dander can become trapped in the fibers. This means that they're not as likely to float around in the air and irritate people's allergies, but it also has the potential to create build-up that can eventually make people sick. Spot treatment should be used when you have a problem area that does not get cleaner with vacuuming. Even if you don't use a room very often, you should still be vacuuming every few weeks, as the fibers need attention to keep them looking new. 

Professional Carpet Maintenance

A thick, expensive luxury carpet will need more from you than a standard model, but they'll all eventually need professional care. Beyond what you can do at home, the manufacturer and the warranty of the carpet can call for a professional cleaning on a routine basis.  Follow the guidelines provided to you for the best results. When it comes to taking care of your carpet, proper care and maintenance can help ensure that your carpet will look great for many years to come.  

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