Carpet Types

Allow us to break down some of the basics when it comes to selecting a carpet for your lifestyle.

Carpet Types: An Overview

From inviting warmth, comfort and even sound deadening there are many reasons to use carpet flooring in a home. But there’s a lot more to understand about the different types of carpet than just whether it’s thick or thin or what color it comes in.

Carpet Basics
As distinct from rugs, carpets are and installed flooring that go wall to wall and cover a room. Carpet types can be defined by several basic characteristics. They have the following primary components:
  • Base backing material
  • "Pile”, or tightly woven yarn
  • Cushion underlayment
Besides the obvious choice of color, the pile design is important for a carpet's appearance and performance.Pile Styles
Different piles have unique characteristics you’ll want to understand for selecting a carpet. They include:
  • Cut pile
  • Loop pile
  • Multi-level loop
  • Cut and Loop

Generally, loop piles are desirable for resilience and casual style. The fibers form a series of loops so that no yarn ends are left in the surface. Having continuous fibers helps achieve evenness and dirt-hiding ability. With cut pile it is the opposite: the fibers terminate so the surface is made of yarn ends. Then things get more interesting. Multi-level loop carpets stagger the pile loop height to create an interesting, uneven surface. With uneven piles and cut and loop combinations you can have interesting textures and patterns created by contrast. Some designs are better at hiding vacuum lines than others. Also, the density of fibers, amount of twist and yarn size should be considered for evaluating carpet's value and performance. 

Carpet Fibers
With different carpet types the material of the yarn is very important. This choice has obvious impacts on the look and feel of the carpet but also determines much of the carpet’s stain resistance and long term durability.
  • Olefin is an all-around good choice
  • Nylon for great durability
  • Triexta has excellent stain resistance
  • Polyester has a comforting feel
  • Wool for comfort and tradition
Carpet flooring is one of the most interesting components that can be installed in a home, offering not only comfort, but endless color and texture possibilities. There is a carpet style that can bring out the best in your home.
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