Vinyl Flooring

Information on a resilient flooring option.

All About Vinyl Flooring

Arguably the most versatile type of flooring, vinyl is a great option for homeowners with a very specific idea for how they want their floors to look -- and little desire to spend all their time cleaning or maintaining more expensive types of flooring. 

Types of Vinyl Flooring

Available in tiles, planks, and 12-foot sheets, vinyl can be made to look like hardwood, stone, or nearly any other flooring option imaginable. Highlighted below are a few main types of vinyl construction:

Homogeneous Vinyl

Created using liquid vinyl resin, homogeneous vinyl is incredibly resilient to wear. If you're on the hunt for a sturdy flooring material that will hold up to heavy traffic, homogeneous vinyl is your best bet.

Inlaid Vinyl

A popular option among style-conscious homeowners, inlaid vinyl is created by melting granules of vinyl into a pattern. The color granules are then imbued all the way into the vinyl sheet, leaving the floor with a rich hue that is difficult to replicate. As with homogeneous vinyl, inlaid vinyl stands up well to traffic.

Heterogeneous Vinyl

The most common approach to vinyl flooring, heterogeneous vinyl is created via the layering of precise images on top of vinyl and its backing. This option is not quite as durable as homogeneous and inlaid vinyl, but it holds up well enough to traffic to be practical in a typical home. Additionally, because of its image layering technique, it is the most versatile vinyl option.

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is notoriously versatile. Whether you desire the look of stone or hardwood in your bedroom, vinyl will allow you to capture the exact vibe you want -- on a budget. This type of flooring is also very easy to clean and care for. Vinyl is not quite as noisy as other types of flooring, making it a nice option if your kids or pets tend to cause a lot of noise.

If you're looking to amp up your home's style without breaking the bank, be sure to consider vinyl, which provides the perfect combination of flair and function. You'll enjoy the look of your new flooring -- and you'll especially appreciate how little you have to clean it.

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