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Stone Flooring is a Natural Decision

Natural stone flooring is an excellent tile option for your floor.


Stone Flooring Atlanta, GAWhile it costs more than other options, stone is very durable and is certainly worth the investment. Homeowners enjoy many benefits of?stone flooring?that include?the following below.


Beauty and Value in One

Did you know that natural stone flooring increases the value of your home? Unlike other imitations, natural stone retains a higher market price value. No two stones look exactly alike, so character is reflected with?each piece.?It's unique texture and color variety is also a creative advantage?for interior designers, as stone can be installed on?walls, floors, countertops, fireplaces, stairs, and many other places throughout the home.








There's a good reason why stone has been?the architectural choice for thousands of years. Stone tile is heralded for its longevity and durable material. Homeowners can choose stone materials with varying degrees of hardness, from softer sandstone and slate to the much harder granite and marble varieties. The type of?function in a room greatly depends on what type of natural stone flooring?suits best. Marble floors, for example, make?an excellent first impression for hallways and foyers, and their hardness is ideal for high traffic. But for family rooms, dining rooms,?and other rooms that you spend more time in, softer stone tiles like sandstone are more?preferred underfoot.


Another advantage that stone tile has over other materials is its water resistance, which makes it a perfect choice for bathrooms,?basements, and other places that collect humidity pretty easily.?Stone's dense and solid surface resists?moisture for much longer periods of time?than other material?such as?hardwood floors. And, professional sealant applications enhance these benefits even more, ensuring lasting beauty in your floor for years?to come.



Good for the Earth, Good for You

Not only is stone tile beautiful and durable, it's wonderfully eco-friendly! Since stones are abundant in the earth's crust, it's quite practical to install them in your home from local sources. And you won't have to deal with harsh chemical fumes and formaldehyde emissions that so commonly plague?conventional?remodeling methods. Why bother with installing something?artificially processed when you can choose flooring that?nature has already processed for you? In this light, stone tile is the logical?choice that's good for you and the world you live in.



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